Various Resources for Family Worship Devotions

One of the biggest reasons so many men struggle to lead their families in devotions and worship is a lack of resources and simply not knowing where to look. The truth is, there are an abundance of great resources to help dad grow in the faith in order to lead family devotions, as well as resources for doing family devotions. Below are some recommendations to help kick start building a library to help your family engage in meaningful worship.

Also note that if you are more of an audio learner, many Bible colleges and seminaries are now making curriculum available online for free, including through iTunes U (look for Covenant Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary through iTunes;  they are two of the best at present). Also worth checking out is Biblical Training.

If you have any other recommendations, feel free to post them in the comments.

Help for Reading the Bible:

Children’s and Young Peoples’ Bibles:

Help for Building a Theological Library:

Basic Theology:

Practical Helps for Parents: